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Nan Soistman

We have been blessed to find and work so closely with a Master Wildlife Rehabilitator Mrs. Nan Soistman the Founder and Managing Director of Sunrise Wildlife Rehabilitation in High Springs, Florida. Mrs. Soistman is our Mentor and is active in the rehabilitation community in our area helping other rehabilitators and the public to better understand our wild friends.

Nan Soistman - Annual Pints and Predators Event
Sunrise Wildlife Rehabilitation
Sunrise Wildlife Rehabilitation is located in High Springs, Florida. We specialize in the rehabilitation and release of injured, orphaned or displaced native wildlife in North Central Florida. The Message is Simple: Love and Conserve our Wildlife. “Steve Irwin” Home Page Photo credit : Jae P Patrick

Jonathan Howard

We are thrilled to work with Mr. Jonathan Howard with The Ark Wildlife Care and Sanctuary in Hilliard Florida. Johnathan is a Master Wildlife Rehabilitator and specializes in Deer. The Ark Wildlife Care and Sanctuary's ultimate goal is the humane rescue and rehabilitation of wildlife, with the aim of releasing them back into their natural surroundings when possible.

Jonathan Howard - Licensed Wildlife Rehabilitator
The Ark Wildlife Care and Sanctuary, injured wildlife, Florida
Wildlife care for injured or orphaned animals, sanctuary for unwanted or imprinted wildlife.